About Us


Locally owned and operated. Leak Shield Inc. offers the highest quality contracting experience from beginning to end. We are committed to doing the work right and we take pride in making your home dry, clean, and healthy. Whether it be basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, mold remediation, ventilation systems, or yard drainage, we will get the job done right!


Our Mission is to create the highest quality contracting experience from beginning to end by providing top-notch workmanship, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service. We value our relationships with our customers, our employees, and our community above all else.

​Family owned and operated, Leak Shield is a classic American dream story. We pride ourselves in our conventional knowledge, and our ability to create solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Our focus is not on making a sale, but on truly fixing the problem that you have.


Our Warranty is for the Life of the Home and is filed with the home address. No matter who owns the home, if we did the work, we will service the area. This could actually increase the home’s value and will surely help facilitate the sale of real estate in any market.

We are Available 24/7!

1282 Old Fern Valley Road, Unit 102
Louisville, KY 40219

Call Us Anytime: (502) 558-7361