Here at Leak Shield Pro we have continued to be thought leaders in our industry.  We use the highest quality products to ensure safety and security, and we have challenged the conventional way of doing things to create the best possible system for our foundation waterproofing application.

Our Team

Our team was developed in the beginning by our owner who started in this industry with a shovel in his hand.  He personally sought out to hire experienced and like-minded foundation repair specialist.  Our technicians also had experience in concrete work, plumbing, and carpentry.  The combination of industry knowledge and experience, along with the drive to provide the best service and product for our customers is what lead us to create the system we install today.

Our System

The system we install today is not completely different from the standard waterproofing system other companies install.  The concepts are mostly the same, but the attention to detail and the adjustments we have created are what makes the difference.  To understand, lets first talk about the “Standard Method” of basement waterproofing systems.

The “Standard Method” of basement waterproofing consists of installing a perimeter drainage pipe around the inside of the foundation, install wall panels on the foundation walls to direct water to the drainage pipe, and to have the system lead all water to a sump pump and crock.  This concept is proven to give good results and there is no reason to re-invent the wheel.  The industry standard is to use 3” drainage tile (black corrugated and perforated piping) for the perimeter drainage system.  There is some discrepancies on whether #57 gravel or smaller pea gravel should be used for the system, but both are industry standard.  There are different manufacturers for the wall panels, but as long as the seams in the panels can be fastened, any panel used is sufficient for the industry standard.

The Leak Shield Basement system utilizes the same concept for foundation pressure relief, but here the specifications that we follow to guarantee the best results.

  1. We use 4” solid PVC pipe for our drainage system. The pipe gets perforated in our warehouse in a unique way to provide the best pressure relief, flow of water, and to prevent clogging.
  2. We install cleanouts on all of our full basements systems. This allows the homeowner to maintenance the system themselves if they choose, or to sign up for our annual maintenance plan.  That’s right, our system can be maintained.  If there ever was an issue with the system it would not require us to rip the basement apart to fix it, and it will save you from the undue burden of dust and hassle for a service call.
  3. Our system uses pressure fittings for all joints, drop downs and connections. This means no guess work on the pitch of the pipe and the pipe system is one single unit unable to be knocked out of place.
  4. We install a Radon Quick Connect. Because of the pipe system we are able to install a connection on the system so a Radon Mitigation professional could easily install their system.  This will save you money and increase efficiency of your radon system if you ever needed one.
  5. We install water powered back up pumps. Battery backups are a thing of the past and only last as long as your battery.  The water powered back up will last as long as your home has water pressure.
  6. We only use high strength concrete when we pour our concrete back into your basement. Some companies use a sand mixture which will crack over time.
  7. All of our leak shield wall panels are secured at the seams. This ensures no leaking between panels.
  8. We only use #57 gravel. It provides a better flow for the water and has much more structural value than pea gravel.
  9. We exclusively use Zoeller pumps. They are the best pump on the market and are manufactured locally.
  10. Lastly, we are very focused on clean up. This doesn’t directly relate to installation of our product, but it is directly related to providing the customer with the best experience.  When clean up and taking care of your property is a priority then that translates into over better installation of all the work we perform.

If you have any question, please call or message us for more details.